A Freudian Typo in the Georgia Straight?

I was reading a review of Milk, the new Sean Penn vehicle in this week’s Georgia Straight. Its a biopic about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. In the third paragraph, there’s a rather conspicuous error (currently replicated in the online edition–the boldface is mine):

At 128 minutes, the film suffers from the usual biopic compression, and there’s a little too much foreshadowing and thematic repetition, especially for a director as willfully experimental as Gus Van Sant. (As an expository device, our troubled hero narrates into a Dictaphone near the end of his life.) If anything, the maker of My Own Private Idaho, working from a fairy conventional script by Dustin Lance Black, could have splashed out a little more in his re-creation of the Castro district of the butterfly-collared ’70s.

I guess “dairy conventional script” might have also worked. In any case, the early returns for the film are quite good. I’ll probably go see it, despite my dislike for Penn’s rather broad performance style.


  1. Congrats on the mention on cbc.ca today “To fire up the online campaign, Forest Ethics hired marketer and veteran blogger Darren Barefoot to organize it and encourage the online community to participate.”

    1. Thanks–yeah, they shot a little interview in my mother-in-law’s building’s apartment. I wonder how long one has to blog before one gets labeled a ‘veteran’.

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