It Might Be a Very Wet Holiday

Weather in Bocas Del Toro

But that’s what you get when you visit Central America in the rainy season. I’ve traveled to its neighbour Costa Rica twice around this time of year, and managed to have a good time, so I’m not overly worried.

There has been extensive flooding in the region we’re visiting, but it’s from rain-swollen rivers. Hopefully the place we’re staying (out in the ocean on stilts) will stay dry.


  1. Wow That place looks very nice Darren. Like One of Richard Bransons guest houses in Necter island. Though less expensve i’d hope.


  2. I actually went through that area about 15 years ago while making the trek from Almirante to Panama City. A word of advice, if someone tells you that a water taxi costs more than 30 dollars, he’s ripping you off (they should only be 5 or 6 bucks)!

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