Speaker Submissions Open for Northern Voice 2009

The Northern Voice 2009 website has been launched. And, thanks to Alexa Booth, it is a serious improvement on previous years. Additionally, the committee is now accepting speaker submissions. The deadline for submissions is December 19, 2008.

Given my relocation to Victoria and busyness, I’m taking a year off from the organizing committee. We’ve got a schwack of great new organizers this year though, with fresh blood and ideas. I’m planning on attending the conference and volunteering on the day. I may try to organize a panel or something, time-permitting. I’ve been kicking around some ideas about the social media sphere and maturity.

It is thrilling to see how our little conference has grown since its humble origins in 2005 (website only sort of works).

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  1. I just posted a “suggest what you want me to talk about” request on my blog, as I was thinking of doing a talk about dispelling the myth that bloggers are just lurking in their parents’ basements. Then David Drucker suggested a survey of why you blog but Jan Karlsbjerg said you already had done it.

    At any rate, I do hope that you give a talk as well.

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