Goodsense: A Green Ad Network

For the past couple of years, I’ve advocated to anybody who would listen that I thought there was great online opportunity in forming a green ad network. Something like The Deck or Federation Media, but for a group of vetted, popular environmental and sustainability sites. There has, of course, been an explosion of such sites on the web in the past few years. A few such networks exist, but they all feel a little hokey.

Today, via Andre on Twitter, I heard about goodsense, a new network focusing on “the best, brightest, and most credible green websites”. One of the founders is Colin Brumelle, who used to work at Bryght (now part of Raincity Studios).

They haven’t got a list of publishers up yet. This seems fairly crucial, so I’m going to email them and enquire about that. Regardless, I think that such a network might be able to weather the economic downturn better than most.

UPDATE: I got a prompt response from goodsense founder and CEO Adam Wood: “We’re just finalizing our list of publishers and expect to have one we can share publicly in the next couple of weeks.”

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  1. Thanks for the post Darren, and we’re all pretty excited about Goodsense.

    I totally agree with your “able to weather the economic downturn better than most” sentiment. Even though the current market conditions might seem on the surface to be a tough time to start an ad network, I think it’s actually an ideal time. Instead of the shotgun approach of Google’s AdSense, we feel there’s a definite opportunity for smaller, targeted networks that focus (and own) a niche. While I think overall online ad spending will drop in the next year, I also think that there will be a “flight to quality”, that niche ad networks like Goodsense and the Deck are positioned to exploit.

    Stay tuned for more to come 🙂

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