The Tyranny of Size Language

Insert phallic joke here. I was at Blenz last night, and spotted these measures of cup size:

Didn’t Blenz used to eschew crazy Starbucks-esque sizing? What’s with ‘supremo’?

Incidentally, this post shows off the new site design’s ‘light box’ functionality. If you click the above photo, you should see a kind of pop-up thingie that shows you a bigger version (speaking of the tyranny of size). I hope it’ll be handy for instances when I want to share a big image. The cup lids aren’t example a great example, but you get the idea.

UPDATE: At least, that’s what it should do. The light box thingie doesn’t seem to be working at the moment–I’ll trouble shoot as time permits.

UPDATE #2: Yeah, that works for me now, too. Don’t know what’s up with that.


  1. lightbox seems to work for me on Firefox. image size is quite gigantic though – my resolution is set to 1680×1050 and the image easily fills the screen. maybe shrink it a little?

  2. The lightbox works for me as well (in Firefox) but I had to scroll down to see the tiny little “press x to close” at the bottom, to make it go away.

    Also, is it now “de rigeur” to say “press” on a hyperlink, instead of “click” on a hyperlink? “Press” sounds much more elegant but it’s really not the action that’s being requested. You could make a bad blonde joke about the girl who has fingerprints all over her screen from “pressing” on hyperlinks.

  3. Oh look it goes away if you click on the picture, even if you don’t “press x to close”. Looks like the blonde joke’s on me!

  4. Cafe Sol in Ireland offer a Twenty as their largest size. Try going into a busy cafe and shouting “20 Latte” over to a barista. You have to hope she doesnt come back with a big tray of coffees.

  5. Works for me too ( Firefox/Linux ), although if you click on the picture before the page is finished loading then it just goes straight to the picture, and doesn’t do the fancy lightbox stuff. Probably just a javascript thing, has to wait for the page to finish loading or something.

  6. Opera 9.62 – works fine … or, at least, it seemed to until I read other comments about an “X” to close the window. I don’t see that.

  7. Sue: As a former technical writer, it definitely should be ‘click’, not ‘press’. That’s the default verbiage for the plugin–I’ll see if I can change it.

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