Fully Sprinklered?

I’m certainly no expert in real estate marketing. However, if I’m identifying the six bullet points I want to put on my new building’s sign, should ‘fully sprinklered’ really make the list?

Fully Sprinklered?

Let’s ignore, for the moment, that ‘sprinkler’ is not a verb. Does this really matter to their buyers? I’d imagine that their target demographic would be empty-nesters and young professionals, most of whom have lived their entire lives in ‘unsprinklered’ accommodation. Is the omnipresence of sprinklers going to convert them to buyers?

Maybe I’m just biased. In our Yaletown apartment, a neighbour’s sprinkler-related mishap caused a flood.


  1. This just brings up so many more questions: are they interior or exterior sprinklers, or both? aren’t interior sprinklers mandatory these days as part of the building code? do they mean outdoor sprinklers to keep your roof-deck green? are they automatic or manual sprinklers? I’m so confused.

  2. Yeah, I assumed that they meant indoor sprinklers for fire suppression. But, like Jen, I thought these were already mandatory. We certainly had a bunch in our apartment, which was built back in 2000 or so.

  3. This is tres odd to me, although I didn’t know about the mandatory sprinklers thing. I was thinking perhaps the building is outside of the service area of a regular fire department, and therefore the sprinklers would be a factor in determining insurance costs. But no… 1137 Meares Street had *better* be within range of a fire department!

  4. Beyond all that, it’s a subtle way of advertising that you could suite the place. You need to have sprinklers for rental accommodation in new homes. But it may not be legal to advertise that the homes are suite-able.

  5. What about the “Award Winning Builder?” What award did he win? Did he win “Still Has All His Hair” Award at his high school reunion?

    Is that really going to be a determining factor?

    Just a thought

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