Client Plug: What’s the Worst Gift You Ever Received?

At BarCamp last month, Julie and I shot video of a bunch of people answering that question for DreamBank. If you’re in and around the Vancouver tech scene, you’ll probably recognize a few people in this video:

That X-Wing fighter was pretty frustrating.


  1. *giggle*

    It’s a tossup between Lord of the Rings Tarot Cards… ok, I get it, I like Lord of the rings, but TAROT CARDS? Worse, they were from my mother, who is likely the only woman less into that crap than I am. Huh….

    …and a nightgown from a long lost Aunt in England. Now granted, she only met me once, I can be forgiven for not knowing what a young lady in her mid 20s wants for christmas, and really, I wasn’t expecting anything. And I *certainly* wasn’t expecting a baby pink nightgown with white polkadots and frilly edging.

    I didn’t know what to do with it. I still don’t. I think it’s in a box somewhere. Probably next to the damn tarot cards.

  2. I don’t remember my worst gift – but I do recall the worst card I recieved. It was from my dad’s cousin. I was about 7 and the birthday card read: “To a very special boy”. Uh, gender FAIL

    P.S. Until Joe gets here to explain, can we make up ways in which he could have injured himself (e.g. putting a fork into an electrical socket?)

  3. Val: I wish I had a more intriguing story – Pretty much, I type too much and these two fingers got shot – so it’s the only way I can keep going.

    Well, I don’t know if it’s the only way, but it seems to do the trick.

    I got to think of a better story, though. Monica et al – any suggestions?

  4. Hi Darren,

    Thanks for making and posting this. I love it. Tamborine is my fav. Of course I’m biased on the topic but…May I add that only this past winter(pre DreamBank launch but certainly post the idea), my Dad brought me a “lovely” very heavy teak turtle from Mexico. Of course I graciously accepted and it is currently living in my dresser drawer where it’s very settled and happy. It makes guest appearances very well timed to when my Dad also appears at my home. Moral, changing behaviour takes time… Capulet Plug: You guys are fantastic–We love working with you! Thanks,

  5. A landlady once gave me a pair of panties for Christmas. They were pink nylon. They didn’t fit.

    If it had been my mother giving them to me, that would be okay, but my landlady? Yuck. Too personal a present from a woman I didn’t know very well.

  6. Once, a relative gave me a videocassette of highlights from the NASCAR season. It might even have been a previous season. I don’t watch any sports regularly, especially car racing. It never came out of the box, and I eventually gave it away.

    Come to think of it, I think it was a VHS tape he gave me back when I still had a Beta machine too.

  7. Joe, sorry about your fingers. There is still a potential story there. Something about “pouring out your heart to past lover” or “a retort to an angry blogger?”

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