Travis’s Search for the Best Burrito in Vancouver

To his office mates’ potential dismay, Travis recently set off on a search for the best burrito in Vancouver. He wrote four blog posts on the subject.

I’ve been told by more than one Latin American (or, uh, Latin American-Canadian) that Vancouver has a shameful paucity of good Mexican food. I’m ambivalent about food of all ethnicities, but I applaud Travis’s efforts nonetheless. Here’s an excerpt:

Well, like La Casita, they don’t do pork burritos here—which I found all the more irritating because they did pork tacos. Just scoop it into a different tortilla, would you? No, they would not deviate from the menu—though I don’t dock them friendliness points, because they were wonderful throughout the meal.

I should mention that Travis lived in Los Angeles for a while, so he might know more about Mexican food than the average Canadian.


  1. Um. I feel that it is my obligation as a Latin American/Mexican (with almost 100% Canadian status) to chime in.

    Haven’t had the chance to read Travis’ posts (though I’m definitely on my way there) but… burritos (the version we eat here in Canada) are Tex-Mex.

    Burritos norteños (Northern burritos) are thin, rolled up flour tortillas with filling that is most often than not shredded chicken cooked in some sort of spicy tomato-based salsa.

    The version of burrito we get here (and in Texas) is horrendous yet incredibly filling.

    Having not seen Travis’ posts I will see what his verdict is, but mine is – Salsa and Agave has THE best burrito ever.

    Ok, off to read Travis.

  2. Thankfully, Travis’ burrito eating has had no “repercussions” on his office mates thus far. I can’t speak for Susie though. 😉

  3. The best burrito in Vancouver?

    Go to YVR and get on the United/AC flight to San Francisco. Get on BART, get off at the 24th Street station, and turn left at the top of the escalator. Follow the sound of angels singing and walk into the bright light. You will be in El Farolito.

    I suggest either the carne asada or the pollo asado with a Negra Modelo or a mexican soda.

    Sorry, but my years in Vancouver were an exercise in frustration and futility when it came to Mexican food in general, and burritos specifically.

    I have a theory that each city in the world has a limited amount energy which can be devoted to food making. In Vancouver, what would normally be put towards burrito-related activities is instead directed to sushi.

    Imagine a taqueria everywhere there’s a sushi place — that’s San Francisco. Then triple that for the Mission. I really am not kidding. And then there are the taco trucks. Oh dear god.

    Here is a picture of a burrito being eaten for lunch in my backyard the other day:


    p.s. What the hell happened to the Alaska Air Vancouver-SFO flight?

  4. I like the Mouse and Bean down near pigeon park.

    And El Taco in Nelson, B.C. in the Kootenays is delish.

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