One Fancy Knife

While in Calgary, Julie visited Knifewear. They’re a knife shop. In fact, they’re a knife shop that only sells Japanese knives. Talk about specialization, eh? She bought this knife:

Ohishi Tsuchime Knife

According to the accompanying documentation, it’s an ‘Ohishi Tsuchime’. That doesn’t return any results in Google, so maybe it’s spelled incorrectly?

In any case, it’s hand-forged in Seki, Japan from VG-10 high carbon stainless teel and laiminated on each side with 15 layers of stainless Damascus steel. The unique Tsuchime style–the dimpling on the back side of the blade–is from it being hand-hammered. Apparently that prevents food from sticking to the blade. The handle is made from rugged mahogany with “a full tang and welded bolster”, whatever that means.

It wasn’t cheap, but apparently it’ll last the rest of our lives. How many purchases can you say that about?

I know I’ve been on a bit of a West Wing kick, but I can’t mention fancy knives without citing another of my favourite episodes: ‘Shibboleth‘:


  1. Full tang means that the steel of the blade continues through the length of the handle. Welded bolster means that the little rounded piece at the front of the handle is welded to the one-piece blade/tang.

    I’m of the opinion that one should invest in good knives, and that looks like a good knife.

  2. She looks like a beauty. I think she needs a name. Certainly she needs a safe home, which is not the drawer with other knives. And she also needs a sharpening steel to stay in top shape.

    Not enough rocker for my taste but I’ll be glad to grip it and rip it sometime.

  3. Knife purists ae big fans of “fully forged blades” where the tang, bolster and blade are forged and hammered out of a single piece of metal. This is an “ahem” expensive process.

    With a welded bolster the tang and blade can be stamped out of sheet metal and edged and surfaced seperately. The bolster may be welded on at any stage. I would guess the lamination is added when the sheet steel is created.

    Still a mighty fine knife.

  4. I own more than one knife in that series they are beautiful, and yes it is a laminated damascus steel added later, best way to sharpen is water stones and finish with a leather strope. wonderful knife check out Knifewear in calgary there about $167

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