Friday’s Totally Random Link Round-Up

So many inputs, just one output:

  • First, a great idea from Springwise (a site I recently discovered when they wrote about DreamBank). IncSpring (no relation to Springwise, and, arg, the brand misspelling rages on unabated) is an online marketplace for unused brands. Back when we did more brand development for clients, we left a ton great design work on the cutting room floor. We could conceivably post some of that work on IncSpring.
  • Yet another greatest hits album from Sarah McLachlan. The hugely-popular singer has released just five albums of original material (plus one Christmas album of covers) in twenty years. On the other hand, Wikipedia lists 14 re-releases, ‘b-side’ albums, remixes, live concerts and so forth. As I’ve said before, she is extraordinarily mercantile with her meagre back catalog. Hilariously, Ms. McLachlan’s website claims that the new album features songs “personally selected by Sarah”. Not surprisingly, she chose all her hits.
  • Adam Saab is the Green Party candidate for Victoria. Here’s a Facebook page for him, and his MySpace page (he’s apparently also a musician). I looked, but couldn’t find his campaign website. I’m sure he’s pretty busy, but hopefully one is forthcoming. That seems like a priority.
  • Zoocasa looks like Canada’s Zillow. I like its functionality a lot, and that’s a fun (if slightly American-sounding) name. I expect they’re focusing on urban regions to start, as I just did a search for Pender Island and its listings were woeful (compare with, say, I’ve got an email in to them about the comprehensiveness of their listings and when we might expect to see more exhaustive ones.
  • MyLifeofTravel emailed me about a contest they’re running. The prize: a trip around the world.
  • UPDATE: Via Gillian, I just watched the trailer for The Lucky Ones. Rachel McAdams: hottest Iraq war veteran ever. The trailer feels a bit muddy to me, like it doesn’t know what kind of movie it wants to be. And, speaking of Ms. McLachlan, the trailer features her ballad “I Will Remember You”.


  1. Sarah McLachlan announced this week (via and many other sources) that she is separating from her drummer husband of 11 years. She has a six-year old and a 14-month old; presumably, the last couple years at least have been challenging…

    Not that this is an excuse for another release of her prior material but according to Sarah, the two new songs on the album chronicle the lead up to the separation (“u want me 2” and “Don’t give up on Us”).

    Listen to “u want me 2” a couple of times (on her site and elsewhere) and you will quickly grow to love this song!

  2. Your link to the Zoocasa search for Pender just goes to a search for Vancouver. At least you got some results – it doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of Galiano, where I am writing this from.

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