An Unconference About SkyTrain Security

Via Upcoming, I read about the SkyTrain Security unconference being organized by Karen Fung. From the very informative About page:

Between now and the unconference, we would like this website to host conversations on this topic. Part of it is just even learning about what questions to ask, and which questions are most important in making changes, big or small, to the existing system.

What comes out of the unconference will be brought forward to a future meeting with SkyTrain and TransLink. That’s about as much as we know right now, as the team is still working on the finer details, but we will keep you all updated on the blog.

They’re in the planning stages. I like Roland’s idea of running the unconference in a SkyTrain car as it moves around Vancouver.

I wouldn’t rank SkyTrain security as a bearing issue in need of my attention, but I’m happy that others are thinking about it in an open and relatively transparent way.


  1. Thanks for the link and mention, Darren! The TransLink public engagement team are seeing this as a pilot to learn what works, and to apply their future efforts, and are seizing opportunity to start a more open conversation with the public. There’s certainly a lot more to work to do with many others in the organization(s). I’m hoping this is just the first part of a larger engagement and collaboration wedge for TransLink and the public.

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