Dealing With Standby Power

John recently wrote a post and made a video demonstrating a specialized power strip that can eliminate standby or ‘vampire power’. This refers to electricity consumed by appliances and electronics which are apparently off, but are actually in an energy-leeching sleep mode.

John is Irish, so bonus points for the (Waterford? Wexford? I can never remember) accent.

In 2006, John’s neighbours in the UK banned standby power, which allegedly accounts for 8% of all domestic usage. I went looking for similar news from Canada, but all I could dig up was this FAQ about toothless ‘standards’.

Here’s a chart that shows the worst culprits–plasma TVs, computers and game consoles.


  1. Thanks Declan for correcting Darren.

    Thanks for the linkage Darren, you’ve made it my most viewed viddler video (well there have only been two) yet.

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