Boring Life Note: Where I’m Speaking This Fall

Just a quick post on upcoming speaking gigs. I’m lightening up on the speaking a bit, what with all the book-writing, house-building and, you know, working, I’ve got to get done.

  • I’m going to Toronto for a corporate thing on September 9, in case anybody wants to have coffee.
  • On September 11, Julie and I are speaking at the Internet Marketing Conference.
  • On September 27, Julie and I are giving a talk at BarCamp Vancouver. It’s not about marketing (saints be praised): “How to Be a Laptop Bedouin – Julie and Darren are going to start a conversation about living where your work isn’t, and what tools and techniques you need to live in Africa and work in Yaletown.”
  • October 24 to 27, I’m giving various talks and workshops at the Surrey International Writer’s Festival Conference.
  • On October 24, I’ll also be giving a short talk at the inaugural, uh, instantiation of Interesting Vancouver. I’ve come up with a new topic for that: “How I Enumerate My Life”. Hopefully it’ll be more entertaining than it sounds.
  • On November 14, Julie and I are giving a talk at a CPRS conference right here in Victoria.

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