Latest Musical Discovery: Pawnshop Diamond

Last week I was having coffee in John’s Place, a Victoria institution. There were a bunch of posters around the place for an upcoming appearance by a Vancouver band called Pawnshop Diamond:

Pawnshop Diamond

I stopped to take a photo because of the blurb on the poster. As you can see, it reads:

Cowboy Junkies meets Wilco singing drunken Canadian love songs.

I like Wilco. I love the Cowboy Junkies. And I’m Canadian. It sounds like a band tailor-made for me. I checked out their MySpace page (they’re also on Facebook), and, indeed, I quite like their music. I haven’t paid a ton of attention to their lyrics, but I liked the sound of a phrase from the song “Sweet Music”: “Neil Young is a plant on my window sill, always leaning toward the sun”.

They’re not on iTunes, eMusic or even the Canadian-only Zunior. You can buy a CD or get MP3s from CD Baby, but I’ll probably go to their gig on August 30 and buy a CD the old-fashioned way.

UPDATE: I take it back, they are on iTunes.


  1. The availability of their music (electronically) brings up an interesting dilemma – how much is a lack of DRM worth?

    ITunes – 9.99, CD Baby – 12.97

    Also I am guessing they get a higher percentage of the proceeds from CD Baby?

  2. Be sure to posts show review for us eh.

    PS I saw Wilco with Billy Bragg playing Woody Guthrie tunes at Womad fest and Cowboy Junkies are doing a re-play of Trinity Sessions on PBS these days.

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