Does Anybody Find This Clip Art Reassuring?

Not Sure About That Clip Art

The one time I went into this Apple store on Yates Street, they gave me incorrect information about Bluetooth-enabling our old iMac. I was unimpressed, so I haven’t been back.

The clip art doesn’t even make any sense. The slogan says ‘Tune your Mac’ and they’re using an image of a (jauntily-leaning) doctor? Surely a mechanic (or, say, a piano tuner?) might have been a wiser option.


  1. Maybe it’s my 80’s upbringing, but cheesy graphics like this always make me feel reassured. Just imagine how reassured I’d feel if they put a Fraggle on there!

  2. Heh I am not sure how Restart computers makes any money. There is virtually no money in marking up hardware, and their service has always been questionable to me. Still I like the idea that they’re (trying to be) supporting Apple. But it’s just an idea, I don’t find the store very necessary.

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