Nuked the Fridge is the New Jumped the Shark

Apparently there’s a new phrase in town for TV shows and movies that have crossed the event horizon of just plain silly:

In recent weeks, a similarly ridiculous episode — in this case from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” — has produced a similar term, “nuked the fridge,” that is gaining traction online. A Google search comes up with 64,000 hits.

In “Indiana Jones,” the hero’s improbable achievement was to survive a nuclear blast by hiding in a refrigerator. Hence, “to nuke the fridge” means to introduce a wildly implausible element to a once-respected franchise, or more generally, to signal the abandonment of past standards of quality.

There are already battling websites: Nuked the Fridge and Nuking the Fridge. Two will enter, one will leave.

I’m not sure we really needed a new phrase, but what the heck? ‘Nuked the fridge’ is a suitable replacement, as it seems even more improbably and ridiculous than ‘jumped the shark’.

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  1. Hello Darren –

    Thanks for the reference!

    To correct you on a few points:

    Nuking the Fridge is not intended to replace Jumping the Shark. It is the “film” version. Jumping the Shark is a classic and should remain as such, referencing TV Shows.

    My site and are certainly not battling. In fact we work in “tandem” so to speak. My site lists the details and info about the use of the phrase. The other site is used for movie reviews, movie news, and general forums.

    If you notice, we both link to the other’s site, and I am a poster on the forum over there.

    May the Force be with You!
    Beth Russell
    Creator, Nuking the Fridge

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