How I Feel About Camping

I’ve got a longer post pending on last weekend’s activities, but in the meantime I wanted to share this photo with you. It depicts the first time in twenty years (excepting a couple of guided experiences in Morocco and Costa Rica) that I’ve gone camping. You really need to view the large version to appreciate the expression on my face:

What Have You Done To Me?


  1. Gillian,

    There is actually a third tent which encompasses the wooded area in which Darren is standing. If you go beyond that 3rd tent, you will find yourself next to a Best Western just outside of Victoria.

    But seriously, there has to be a good reason for that second tent/shelter; people don’t usually carry things that size in their car, let alone on their backs.

  2. My wife and I just moved across the US, and left our 33′ motor home in Seattle. (anyone want to buy a lovely old gas guzzler?)

    We’re contemplating actually sleeping on the ground in the manner shown by Mr. B, and neither of us have actually done this for over 25 years.

    What do we do for room service? How about HBO? Where’s the mini-bar?

    I wait for the backstory…

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