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AdHack is running a new assignment on Rogers and the iPhone:

Rogers has been criticized for its underwhelming advertising. When the iPhone was announced they had nothing on their website until a teaser appeared. AdHack member Brendan Wilson though the teaser was “lame.” Doesn’t a great device deserve better? We think we can do better. Yeah — we know you can do better!

We call this challenge Assignment #9: Create the iPhone ad that Rogers should have used to launch and promote the iPhone in Canada. You can praise it, you can hate on it. The choice is yours. Remember to tag your submission with “Assignment #9” when you upload!

Here’s what I came up with:


It references the fact that Rogers promised an early bird breakfast to those standing in line. But Travis says “the only food was granola bars at about 10 or 11 a.m., but only enough for about one bar for every three people”.

Thus far, I’m quite happy with my iPhone. I’ve never had a GPS-enabled device before, and I find identifying my location kind of existentially thrilling. The UI is everything people say it is, and I can certainly type on it way faster than I could text on my old phone. I haven’t really discovered any must-have apps yet. I just read about AirMe, which may become my Flickr uploader of choice.

Complaints? I want a one-tap (the iPhone term for ‘click’) means of returning to the audio I was playing from elsewhere in the UI, or from when the device is in sleep mode. More importantly, the battery life is kind of pitiful. If you’re using data functions on the phone, you pretty much have to plug it in every day. I can live with that, but it’s not really satisfactory.

UPDATE: Rob from Techvibes asked me to pimp his Ad Hack commission.


  1. Hey thanks for linking to us!

    Here is a list of the problems I have with my phone:

    1) Can’t type
    2) Battery dies almost instantly
    3) Crashes hourly
    4) I constantly accidentally call people

    But it is still an incredible phone. Have you tried all those amazing picture/geo tagging programs?

    I wish I had said something about this stuff on TV when I was interviewed by like a million times.


  2. Kyle: Interesting, mine hasn’t crashed once yet. Come to think of it, I’d better learn the reset sequence before it does.

  3. Not sure if the G3 iPhone has this feature: my iPod touch provides me with a small music player control when I double click the Home button… Picture

  4. I’m loving my iPhone. I just installed AirMe and you’re right, it’s fantastic!

    So Darren a couple of months ago you asked what phone to buy, you waited for the iPhone… and… it seems like you’re happy with it. The right decision?

  5. Lucky you!
    The iPhone is tempting, but I’m trying to reduce my costs, so I’ll stick to my iPod touch until my bulky little perfectly-good phone bites the dust… which will probably be a long, long time from now. I hope?

  6. Here is my entry: “”.

    Please note that overpromoting a product that you are virtually guaranteed to sell out of is, how shall I put it? Unnecessary.

    As of last Sunday, John Gruber suggested the current stock of iPhones in the US (surely the best-supported iPhone market) was down to four, and I suspect a similar story in Canada right now.

    Given that virtually every media source on the planet was offering up rafts of free publicity, it would have been an outright waste of time and money for Rogers to promote the device other than to say “we’ve got it!”

    If nothing else, Apple’s own literature and media was far better at explaining the device than anything Rogers could have created.

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