Young People Doing What They Will

Note: This website is habitually G-rated when it comes to language (okay, maybe 14 Years). By necessity, this post features use of the F-bomb. If that troubles you, skip ahead.

Yesterday I saw Young People Fucking (here’s the trailer), a charming Canadian sex comedy. It’s a highly-structured movie, following five couples through five stages of an evening of sex (from ‘prelude’ to ‘afterglow’). The couples represent a variety of typical relationships–the first date, the exes, the friends, the couple and the roommates.

So, we end up with a movie in 25 short scenes exploring and poking (heh) gentle fun at the foibles, morays and politics of sex. It’s a reasonably witty film, with enough laughs to sustain the formal structure. Despite the title, there’s actually very little nudity in the film–you’d see as much on an average episode of The L-Word. Roger Ebert sums up the film nicely:

No great lessons are learned. There is little high drama. As it stands, the screenplay could supply fodder for countless theatrical companies. It’s…engaging, that’s what it is. These are all essentially nice people. Canadians, you know.

It’s a small sample group, but Rotten Tomatoes gives it an 80%.

The ensemble cast is generally good, with Callum Blue (previously seen in the excellent and gone-too-soon “Dead Like Me”) and Carly Pope (previously seen in “Popular”) standing out. I think Ms. Pope has gotten a bit of a short shrift from Hollywood, she can punch well above her current weight class. Plus, she has terrific eye brows. I did have a trivial complaint about the title. Nearly everyone in the cast is on the wrong side of 30, so I’m not sure it’s fair to go with ‘Young People’. I rather like the shorter title People Fucking.

It’s no great masterpiece, and it’s a bit risque for a first date movie, but I recommend it. The movie had a ridiculously short run here in Victoria, and probably won’t last in other cinemas across the country in the busy summer season. Seek it out or rent Young People Fucking. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


  1. Was at a movie theater in Abbotsford this week and was surprised to see a poster for it. Abby is a somewhat conservative town from what I can tell, and they don’t normally get indy films with ‘fucking’ in the title.

  2. As Darren (and Ebert!) note, there title is much more risque than the movie itself and when questioned about it, I’m sure you can guess what director Martin Gero’s response was: to get attention. The plan certainly worked.

    The film has been playing for a few weeks across Canada and the fact that it’s lasted more than a weekend is a great move in the right direction. It also seems to be getting a bit of buzz south of the border. I’m hoping that means a box office draw!

  3. Loved it. Saw it at VIFF and also went opening weekend here in Vancouver. Canadian films could take some cues from YPF and be much better for it.

    – Meg

  4. “I did have a trivial complaint about the title. Nearly everyone in the cast is on the wrong side of 30, so I’m not sure it’s fair to go with ‘Young People’.”

    Speak for yourself, dude. Not all of us turned instantly old when we crossed 30.

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