They Don’t Build Movie Theatres on Cruise Ships Anymore

I was talking to a friend who’s worked on board cruise ships for a number of years. I was asking a bunch of questions about life aboard a cruise ship (staff get their laundry done for free, but it helps to leave a tip in your laundry bag). As you may know, many cruise ships feature small cinemas that show current films (they rotate every month, apparently). However, the newest ships no longer have these movie theatres. Guests prefer to rent DVDs from the ship and watch them in their cabins.

Speaking of the Stanley Theatre, I’ve written a lot on this site about the long, slow demise of cinemas. This seemed like a sign of things to come.


  1. I think the demise of cinemas relates to the quality and cost of movies. When you add in the cost of popcorn, soft drink and movie tickets (X2 if you’re single and on a date) it gets pretty expensive to take a chance on a movie, so people focus on must-see movies. If the price of a movie was $5 I think it would be different.

    I know I have missed out on Iron Man, Wanted, and Wall-E among everything else because it will cost me $4 to download it from iTunes in the Fall.

    I prefer the social atmosphere of a movie theatre to watching a film on my laptop.

  2. I am a big supporter of cinemas, particularly those that are looked down on (e.g. The Van East Cinema, the Hollywood Theatre, the Dunbar Theatre and even the shiny bright beautiful Rio on Broadway)

  3. Well, I think watching movies in your own room is better than watching movies in a theater. My reason is that you’ve got all the comfort you need when you’re in your room. When you’re in a theater, you need to respect others’ comfort zones. Sometimes, doing that sucks it tends you to experience inconvenience.

  4. I think also on modern cruise ships there’s so much to do that most don’t get around to watching a movie.

    The Carnival boats I’ve been on have a couple of free movies playing throughout the day + a hotel like ondemand system.

    Across three cruises I think I’ve only watched one movie end-to-end once – the rest of the time it’s been snippets while getting changed in the room etc.

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