Is This Alta Lake?

Some old family friends gave my Dad a couple of photos from the summer of 1985. They’re of a family day out on, canoeing on a lake. We can’t remember where we were. We thought they might be photos of Alta Lake, near Whistler. Does anybody recognize these mountains (and, uh, that clearcut)?

Is this Alta Lake?

I was trying to judge based on this Google Maps view, but it’s hardly conclusive. I searched through some Flickr photos that purported to be of ‘Alta Lake’ but, then, you know, got bored.

In another photo from that day, you can see an eleven-year-old Darren in an over-sized cap enjoying New Coke. That particular addiction (to Coke, regardless of taste) started early.

UPDATE: This is, indeed, Alta Lake. Thanks to Brent and Jason in the comment, who verify our suspicions. Jason found this image on this page from 2005, and the vista looks nearly identical to my photo.


  1. I would guess the shot is to the north-northwest from the southeast shore of Alta. That looks like the valley heading up to Rainbow Lake (21-Mile Creek, I think?), with Rainbow Mountain in the background.

    Hydro line, cabins, train track along the lakeshore – they all corroborate the view. You can even make out the clearcut in the Google view.

    Definitely not Alice Lake.

  2. My guess would be Alta Lake. Have never been there though, so I’m counting on the search-fu. 😀

    A Google image search turns up a photo from: – under “Hike to Whistler” middle left photo. Like Brent mentioned, the power lines are consistent, and it looks like the trees have filled in since 1985.

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