Am I Wiping My Nose With Angels?

Thanks to my recent illness, I’ve been spending a lot of time blowing my nose. Here in the hotel, I noticed an odd brand name on the tissue box: Angel Soft.

Blowing My Nose With Angels?

Is the implication that I’m wiping my nose with angels? That was my initial thought, but maybe it’s just the cold medication talking.

Of course, by this logic, what are we doing to these poor unsuspecting kittens (that’s not a reference to an old Internet meme)?

Man, that music is creepy.


  1. I think they should re-make the kitten commercial with those hairless cats – it would be a whole new level of creepy. 🙂

  2. Astounding. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen the Angel Soft brand before. Is it soft or heavenly feeling in any way? Really, when you think about it, how exactly do you position a product like this when Puffs has kind of done the soft facial tissue thing to death? Would you promote instead facial tissues that are hard as sand paper as an alternative?

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