144 Weeks of My Dodgy Musical Taste

Regular readers know that I love nifty information visualizations, particularly when they’re about, well, me. So, I was pleased to discover LastGraph. It grabs your public Last.fm music-listening data and renders it in a number of interesting ways. The most interesting is a big-ass timeline poster of the music you’ve listened to.

I think I was a fairly early adopter of Last.fm (or, actually, its predecessor, AudioScrobbler), so I had 144 weeks of listening data to work with (hmm…I can’t figure out how to make this embedded object shorter–I adjusted all of the ‘height’ values I could find, to no avail):


Read this document on Scribd: My LastGraph

In the unlikely event that you want to take a closer look, you can download the PDF (be warned, that URL is hanging up for me).


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