Seeking Lodging, Must Have Web Access and Tranquillity

Julie and I are musing about rewarding ourselves after an insanely-busy-with-work summer with a week-long working vacation somewhere in BC, Washington, Oregon or Hawaii. We’re thinking mid to late September, and we’d spend a lot of the time finishing up this marketing book we’re writing. So, you know, we need a nice room.

Ideally, it would be outside of any major city, tranquil and luxurious (though probably no more than $300 a night). Bonus points for proximity to wilderness for a bit of hiking or kayaking. As an example, the Long Beach Lodge would definitely qualify. So would the Wickanninish Inn, if their rates weren’t quite so crippling.

We’ve received a couple of great suggestions (including a vote for the north shore of Kauai), but I thought I’d crowd-source this badboy. Where have you stayed in the Pacific Northwest (uh, plus Hawaii) that meets these criteria?


  1. I loved loved loved (did I say loved?) Middle Beach Lodge.

    Incredibly tranquil, close to Tofino, great sitting area, rooms have Wi-fi, and spectacular cinnamon buns and cookies that they bake every day.

    A great place. Stay in #26 or #25 in the “Lodge At The Beach” if you go.

    The website is

  2. You cannot miss my favourite place on earth and only a drive into the interior – which is majesty in itself. in Slocan, BC — the lovely Alan often does the catering and his food will blow your mind. Tell them dana sent you — I try to stay there as much as humanly possible… PLUS they have satellite wifi in the middle of the forest — so brilliant and not expensive

  3. Please go to Hawaii so that we can finally find out whether it is a likely vacation spot for us. Cheers

  4. i recommend cannon beach on the oregon coast. i think the place we stayed was surfside lodge. the rooms are extremely well-appointed – very modern, flat screen tvs in ALL the rooms, and the one we stayed in had an ocean view that you could enjoy from the 7-foot tub and the glass shower. it is the *cutest* seaside beach town and only about six hours away – and the drive is totally worth it. also there are cabana boys that will make you fires by the ocean at night where you can enjoy drinks or smores. you *must* go. hawaii is for chumps. 😉

  5. Derek and I just enjoyed a fabulous Honeymoon at Tigh Na Mara. We have never felt as peaceful as we did in the deluxe Oceanview Suite. It has a full kitchen, gas fireplace, jacuzzi tub, king sized bed, and they did our dishes everyday. You are at the back of the resort, surrounded by trees and every smells amazing (it didn’t even bother Derek’s allergies). There is access to the Grotto Spa, a hot tub, pool and sauna as well as a tennis court. Their tagline is “Rustic Elegance”. They live up to it without question. Fine dining, tapas, wine, and a short drive from Englishman River falls and Cathedral Grove. We’ve planned to go back for a working holiday as soon as we’re able.

  6. Would you consider the Canadian Rockies, Darren? I can definitely make some suggestions here in Banff or in Lake Louise if you’re willing to head a little further east.


  7. Tolovana Inn in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Although, now that I think of it, the internet was crappy two years ago, it may have been upgraded since. It is amazing.

  8. Bobby: Colorado might be getting a little far away. We’ll done a ton of traveling over the past year, so we’re trying to stick closer to home.

  9. I am bummed about the little slocan lodge’s new policy — so I must recommend another favourite spot, right in my neck of the woods — the Ramshead Inn

    hopefully you will find luck there (they have the world’s greatest beds)

  10. The Big Island of Hawaii for sure – we usually stay on the Hilo side in the Puna district. Stunning and very aloha.

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