An Exhaustive Resource for Air Drying Your Laundry

Last week I asked for advice about buying the world’s best drying rack for laundry. Thanks to everybody who contributed. I haven’t acted on that advice, and hurray for my laziness! Because Chelsea came by and left this comment:

I recently spent a good amount of time looking into the various clothesline and drying rack options since my college (Pomona College in Claremont, California) is going to purchase some for student use and I wanted to get the best available racks for us.

In my research, I was shocked to find that there is NO good website explaining all the different clotheslines and drying rack options, so I made my own!

Another tiny win for the participatory web. That is one robust wiki on drying your clothes.

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  1. That’s a pretty awesome resource. Me, I have a four-poster bed with a rail around the top — I use that as a drying rack. Looks terrible but the bedroom smells like newly washed clothes. LOL

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