Hot Dog Days of Yore

Travis wrote a nostalgic post about hot dogs and their role in the lunches of our youth. This bit took me right back:

I used to even get them in my lunch—my mom would get them as hot as possible and put them and the boiling water into a pre-warmed thermos in hopes that they’d be at least luke warm by lunch—which to be fair, usually worked unless it was REALLY cold on my bus ride. So I’d have warmish hot dogs for lunch, then forget to bring the thermos home and the hot dog water would get really fetid and make the thermos useless for anything except more hot dogs, and the cycle would perpetuate itself.

I don’t recall having any problems with fetid water, but maybe I was a more disciplined kid.

These days I only eat turkey and chicken hot dogs, and try to avoid the bargain basement variety. I think I’ve said it before, but the turkey smokie from the vendor outside of London Drugs at Granville and Georgia in Vancouver is terrific.


  1. That’s awesome… I’ve never heard of that! (Although my mom did used to put boiling water in the thermos for a few minutes, take it out, and replace with soup, and that made the soup stay hot longer!)

    Pretty clever idea!

  2. reminds me of when a friend of mine made me a cup of tea using recycled wiener water. Bleah.

  3. I only wish I could still buy those Hebrew National kosher bad boys at Costco.

    mmmmmmm HotDog!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, Darren. Turkey smokey was well worth the walk!

  5. My mom found some squat wide-mouthed Thermos bottles and put ravioli and such in them. The other kids had sandwiches; I had a meal!

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