Boring Site Note: Ignore This Post

I’m just trying out this Scoutle silliness. Not sure about that name, by the way.

In order to activate the service, I’m obligated to post this widget to my site. That’s obviously a proven viral marketing strategy, but the requirement irks me.

I do like that their logo is two bare feet. That pleases me.


  1. Hi Darren,

    Nice to see you are trying us out. Thing is, the frequency your page is loaded and the time visitors stay on your site are tracked in order to rate your site, which is a continous process. This means, that once this post is not on your website… you will slowly see your rate go down. This is not to all for marketing actually… In fact, we may provide a hidden version in the future but in order to make Scoutle a success and to be sure we connect Scouts that find each other interesting it is true… We will need a lot of users. Most important about the widget, is that this is done to be sure all other users of Scoutle get a good understand of how important/well read/interesting your blog is.

    Thanks for the compliment on the logo! We are working very hard now to process all users. – Meet You Soon!

  2. Dear Darren,

    Just to let you know…
    Scoutle now also offers non-animated widgets to install on your blog.

    Scoutle has been online for a month now and we keep working on it. Hopefully we can prove that ‘silliness’ can become actually interesting.

    Kind regards,

    Godfried (Scoutle)

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