Boring Site Note: What is With the GUID Comment Spam?

Over the past few days I’ve been getting a new species of comment spam. They’re meaningless strings of numbers and letters, often without links. I’ve been calling it GUID (globally unique identifiers) spam because that’s what they most resemble. Here’s a sample:

Website: 811b4a322b04 (IP: ,


If you visit that URL, there’s apparently nothing there. Seeing as there are no links or keywords, what are they trying to accomplish?

I complained about this on Twitter, and Mark noted that it was like I was being ‘tagged’–a sort of GUID mark of the beast.

A lot of is coming via Tech Entrance, a hosting company of no apparentl fixed address.


  1. Completely unrelated- Please post when you watch “Lars and the Real Girl.” I’m really curious about your thoughts.

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  3. I work in the anti-spam industry (but not doing anti-spam research or anything). My thought is that you probably ARE being “tagged”. It’s most likely a bot that will go around, tag blog posts, then check back later ( a week? a month?) to see if the comment is still there. If the comment is still there, the bot knows that you don’t delete comments, and will start a deluge.

    Of course, it could be something else :). I’ll ask the guys in the labs if they know what’s up.

  4. I think you are being stalked 🙂 I dont think its a bot, but everytime, you go to the empty URL, ur ip is being noted as an alert person who is checking junk spam. So you will be eventually left from the stalker list, and then the aliens will deliver jink spam to the more lazy unsuspecting junta who dont get back….

    Interesting observation Darren! 🙂

  5. The other possibility is anti-spam poison. I’m thinking this because it kind of reminded of the spam trend for awhile of a bunch of random words and phrases, with no links or seeming purpose.

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