CoolSpotters and Matt Damon’s Sweater

I really enjoyed “The Bourne Identity” when I first saw it in the theatre (here’s an early, rambling blog post on the film). I also really wanted Matt Damon’s sweater. He wears this kick-ass black, military-style sweater in the film. Of course, he looks way better than I would in it, but that’s also true of togas, house coats and djellabas.

At the time, I imagined a website which tracked what actors wore in movies, and sold real-world equivalents which you could buy. This was back in 2002, and I remember searching for a website that filled that role. I couldn’t find much. I did a few quick searches today, and still didn’t find anything super promising. looks like the right fit, but it lists all of three movies thus far.

CoolSpotters has the potential to become such a resource, though it seems more targeted at off-screen It Girl bollocks. I read about it today on TechCrunch:

It’s an eye-candy celebrity-focused site that shows users the products celebrities are wearing in various photos. Users can then talk about and, of course, purchase those items.

Users can track celebrities, products, brands, shows (TV, Movies, etc.), places, events, and more. The idea is to show connections between people and stuff. These connections are called “spots” (as in, “I spotted that”), and show details on the item. If something is incorrect, users can change or remove it, and add new people and things.

They kind of combine the crowd-sourcing of Wikipedia and Facebook tags (or Flickr notes, if you like) with the smarmy photos of gossip blogs. It’s a smart approach.

I did a search for “The Bourne Identity”, but the only product identified is an ostentatious TAG Heuer Quartz Chronograph. Which Mr. Damon was apparently wearing on both wrists.


  1. I’ve been wanting a military sweater with epaulets straps on it for a while, too…I’d check out a army consignment store!

  2. I’ve had this same reaction to clothing seen in films and music videos sometimes too. I had it yesterday to the Cross jackets the hoodlums are wearing in the music video for ‘Stress’ by Justice. Might be a bit easier to track down than your mythical sweater though.

    @Ryan: Needs less thumbnail, moar realsize photos.

  3. Ryan: But I don’t want a sweater like the one Matt Damon was wearing–I want the exact same model. And I don’t want to have to work to find it–I just want to go to and buy it there.

  4. you know, darren, you do know quite a few knitters who might be able to MAKE that sweater for you…

    i also have a movie sweater i want — it’s from kill bill, a sweater that uma thurman wears. i forget the scene, but now i’m going to have to go back and watch it again in order to find that sweater. and then maybe knit it.


  5. Yeah, I noticed the sweater when I saw “Mr.Ripley” recently too. I’ve also been admiring the top loading brief case with the strap that he used in the film (he wore it over the sweater when he was riding the vespa scooter). I’ve been wondering where I can get something similar in Vancouver as well …

  6. Hey Darren, has a featured called Shoptalk where if you can’t find the product you are looking for on their site you can ask about it and either someone at SeenON! will help answer the question or their community will.

  7. Something I really like is the “Haeftling” line, made by prisoners in a German jail. It’s rather the philosophical opposite to what you mention but I thought the simple lines might appeal to your aesthetic.

  8. I Wonder what kind of sweater is Castel from The Bourne Identity wearing when he fights with Bourne inside his apartment, it was some kind of gray sweater with a cross logo, anyone please, i would be really grateful.

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