Boring Life Note: Upcoming Speaking Gigs

Just a quick, boring-ass post to cover where I’m going to be in May. This post will come in handy when I’m wandering around Vancouver, tie over my shoulder, laptop in hand, trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be talking. All of these sessions are, blessedly, in Vancouver.


  1. How do I get invited to present at one of these “all panel” conferences? The ones I get accepted for expect me to actually develop an hour (or, god forbid, a DAY) of actual content for people.

    Panels are fun. You just climb up on the tall stool, try not to fall off, and occasionally call somebody else in the group an idiot. Nicely.

    No prep, no planning, no workbooks — just a few soundbites and you’re back in the limo.

    Someday I’ll be a quadruple-hyphenate (writer, marketer, technologist and a founding partner) and have my own stool.

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