50 Simple Ways to Help the Planet

Jules points to a handy, easy-to-implement list of simple things that you can do to help the planet. Here are a few favourites:

  1. Hang dry. I also do this because I’m obsessed with my clothes not shrinking.
  2. Go vegetarian once a week.
  3. Telecommute.
  4. Abandon your answering machine. Apparently if everybody switched to voice mail, “the annual energy savings would total nearly two billion kilowatt-hours”.
  5. Pay bills online.

These changes aren’t going to save the planet from environmental Armageddon, but they’re a good start.


  1. Doesn’t the one about the stir sticks strike you as odd?

    I would only use a stir stick if I was out in public, not in a place where I would have access to a stick of pasta.

    (That’s odd)

  2. Great list, I agree. Thanks for the tip-off.

    To no. 16 (“Brush Without Running”) I’d add “Catch The Water You Run”. When we run the tap to get it hot or cold, we lose water that adds up to gallons on our bills. Ways around this:
    – catch the water and use it for houseplants.
    – keep a jug of water in the fridge, so you never need to run the tap cold!

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