The Longest View of Our Digital Lifestyle

What happens to your online assets–blog, photos, video, and so forth–after you shuffle off this mortal coil? How long will they last? How long should they last?

I think about this idea every once in a while. A few years ago I posited that there’d be an emerging demand for a sort of digital mortician, who could help families make decisions about our post-mortem online stuff.

Nora Young at the CBC’s Spark recently completed a very thoughtful interview with Derek that covers this ground. Derek’s been online longer than most of us, and has had recent cause to confront his own mortality. So, he’s thinking about this topic too.

The edited version of the interview will appear on upcoming editions of the show, but you can hear the full version on Spark’s blog.


  1. Yikes. The single-post version of this article put my be-toqued photo on the same page as your be-toqued header self. We’ve really got to stop dressing alike like this.

  2. Derek: It’s simple. You just need to get a toque with a bobble on it, and we’ll be sufficiently differentiated.

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