You Know You’re in California When…

  1. The meal portions are enormous. Of course, as all Canadians know, this happens when you enter the other 49 states as well.
  2. You’re less than 150 km from the arena, but the Sharks-Flames game isn’t on any of the 30-odd channels in your hotel room. Sure, there’s women’s college softball on ESPN 2, but no NHL. Fortunately, one television in the hotel bar has the game on satellite.
  3. While in the bar, you overheard this conversation between two women:
    WOMAN #1: Are you still running?
    WOMAN #2: No. My running partner got new boobs.
    WOMAN #1: Are they too big for running?
    WOMAN #2: Well, they’re really big. But one of them actually got infected.
    WOMAN #1: Oh.

In defense of California, that conversation could have easily occurred in Vancouver, too. I’m off to Web 2.0 Expo. If you’re bored, there’s usually distracting stuff in my link blog in the sidebar (or here’s the RSS feed).


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  2. First of all, the San Francisco burrito is indigenous cuisine, and it’s large by design, not as a result of the Americanization of food that happens elsewhere in the country. If you don’t believe me, look for it on Wikipedia 🙂

    Second, criminy, if you wanted to see the Sharks-Flames game, you should’ve given me a call. My neighborhood has a full-on hockey bar. I think it would’ve made any Canadian proud — not just the ones we’ve lured into Sharks fandom — to see the spirit we put on!

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