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I’ll be needing a new doctor in Victoria sooner or later, and paused to consider whether I’d, uh, consider a female doctor. I’ve always been to male doctors, but that’s kind of been by default. I’m curious to see how common the practice is. Gillian’s post in which she sees her male doctor reminded me about this.

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  1. I prefer female doctors. At one point in time, my father and I had the same female doctor, which I thought was a bit weird.

    (I don’t have a regular doctor now, as it is pretty impossible for me to get one up here. There’s a tremendous doctor shortage)

  2. I’ve had female doctors for many years, in three different cities. It started in Regina, where all of the doctors at the community clinic I was part of were female. When we moved to Hamilton, we sought out a similar arrangement but they don’t seem to exist in Ontario. But we ended up with another female GP and again here in Victoria, we’ve settled with a female GP. I’ve certainly never had an issue with my doctors’ gender.

  3. I have the best of both worlds: A husband and wife team in general practice. It is easier to get in to see the man, as the woman is often busy with delivering babies. However, I make sure I see her at least once a year for my breast exam and pelvic exam. They are both great.

  4. Actually, my GP is female. I was seeing someone different.

    I think the female preference for female doctors has more to do with the fact that they’re more likely to warm up the speculum before a pelvic exam.

  5. From my birth to the time I was 14, I had a male family doctor. At that age, I decided I really wanted a female doctor and one was duly recommended.

    Skip ahead 10 years at which point said doctor started pushing anti-depressants to try and “cure my obesity” (her words) and I walked out of her office for good.

    I humbly asked my original family doctor if he would have me back as a patient and he did. I have been there since and will likely stick with him until he retires from practice.

  6. Gord & I go to a female doc and we both really like her. This is a first for both of us.

  7. My current GP is male, but I’ve had female doctors in the past and enjoyed them. I haven’t noticed much difference between the two, except that women tend to have smaller hands and be better listeners, but that’s a tendency, not a rule, and exceptions are common.

  8. I’d rather have a female doctor because if she’s feeling my balls, I wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable if I get a boner. If some old man doctor was feeling my balls and I got a boner, I’d have to kill myself.

  9. I have a female GP, and I have had a young, hot, male GP once too. It was too much, I had such a crush on him I would get sick just to actually get to see him. So, now I’m back with female GPs.

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