Congrats to the Strutta Team

I wanted to post a quick note to say congratulations to the Strutta team for their official public launch today. Congrats to Danny, Jordan and the rest of the Vancouver team for a job well done. Here’s the blurb on Strutta:

From grassroots scrappers to all star pros, Strutta brings players together from around the world in the spirit of true competition. Whether it’s beatboxing, shredding up the slopes, or giving the legends a run for their money with a smack on Guitar Hero III solo, there is a game for everyone on Strutta. Players upload their original performance videos to compete with their peers and prove they are the best in their game.

I don’t have a lot of feedback on the site yet–I only checked it out for the first time last week. The design is unassuming, and it does what it says on the box, which are good things. I’m not sure how I feel about getting randomly redirected when I visit, but I’m guessing that’s a launch gimmick.

My opinion is a bit moot, though, because I’m really not Strutta’s target audience. I’d guess that they’re shooting for the 12 to 25 crowd. Plus, I’m barely a video watcher, much less a creator. Lastly, I’m not particularly competitive. Or playful. Fortunately, there’s zillions of youthful, chippy video-makers out there.

Boris wrote up the launch in more detail, as did the folks at TechCrunch (strong work there, Jordan).

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  1. Thank you very much, Mr. Barefoot. I wish I could take the credit for some of those wins in the PR category, but I have to credit Danny and Maura (our founders) and their friends on the PR team at Voce Communications.

    I would love to talk offline with you about your thoughts; your feedback so far has been extremely helpful and I’m already taking action on it.

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