Crime, Crime and More Crime

I don’t know why I ever listen to or watch the news. I find it extraordinarily frustrating. I turned on the CBC’s Early Edition this morning and the first three local news stories concerned crime (leading off with the eight-day-old Merritt shooting).

At the moment I’ve got CBC TV news on and they led with two crime stories, followed by a story about automated bathrooms, the weather and finishing up with a piece about a piano prodigy. Is this really what amounts to credible news in this country? Has the CBC lost this much perspective?

And this, keep in mind, is the CBC. They’re the best this nation has to offer in TV and news reporting.

Shame on them for fostering the “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality that’s so prevalent in our mainstream media. It’s exploitative and irresponsible. When our state-subsidized media is this lousy with FUD, who have we got left?

And just to clear something up: don’t believe the hype on crime. Canada is a very safe country. Crime rates have been more or less in decline since 1990, and are currently at a 1978 level. Unless you’re a criminal, your risk of experiencing violent crime is extremely small.

Any time you hear the media fostering fear about slavering rapists and murderers at your door, think critically about the news. Who does your fear serve, except advertisers?


  1. I noticed the same thing listening to CBC today, and was similarly annoyed. Is this a trend, or just something that’s more pronounced this day in April?

  2. The CBC maintained its integrity longer than CNN. I haven’t given up hope on them (CBC) yet, but I’m not very optimistic. I pretty much stick with the BBC now.

  3. I’ve noticed the same thing. And lately, on top of the crime hype, they’ve had some very shoddy reporting. It makes me sad to realise that it isn’t all in my mind and that other people have apparently noticed it too. You know we will have hit the bottom when they start sensationalising the weather reports. (I’m surprised that Seattle hasn’t been completely obliterated by all the ‘deadly’ rain and snow they seem to have down there).

  4. Kirsti: It’s funny you should mention the weather, because I caught a CBC promo singing the praises of Claire Martin as a “certified broadcast meteorologist” and how she’s been named “”Best Weather Presenter in the World” three times.

    I’m not impugning Ms. Martin here, but is this really a differentiator? “Our weather reader is slightly better than your weather reader”? I’m sure Ms. Martin’s very good at her job, but how does that matter? To paraphrase an under-rated movie, “she just reads the weather”.

    Given the rise of the web and weather-aware devices, it’s shocking to me that the news bothers to broadcast the weather in 2008.

  5. I stopped listening to CBC news a while back, as it became more and more sensational and fear-focussed. I don’t see much difference between them and most mainstream reporting, which is a loss, but the grand prize for fear mongering and crime-obsession still goes to CTV. Blech.

  6. Good point Darren, here is the CBC Ombudsman’s website so any of you who listen to the news on CBC can file a complaint about this issue — the CBC is a public entity and we need to speak up about it to make it better.

  7. Chris: Thanks for that. I’m pretty sure at least a few local CBC people read my blog, so hopefully the message will get through that way.

    I’ve actually been down the path of the Ombudsman before. I did eventually get a reasonably satisfactory reply, but it took about four months. I need an ombusperson for the CBC ombudsman. Gah, it’s turtles all the way down.

  8. Kirsti – it’s already happening, haven’t you noticed Rick Fluff… err… Cluff’s constant state of surprise at fairly routine Vancouver weather?

    This morning’s “political panel” was even more ridiculous than normal, with Rafe Mair & Mo Sihota attempting to pin the blame for the aforementioned Merritt shooting directly on Gordon Campbell. I am beginning to wonder if they only trot out these old hacks for the laughter value. I would love to hear some real debate on the morning news, but this is not it.

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