Can SEO Get Julie to the Olympics?

A couple of years ago my wife Julie started a figure skating blog. She’s got a particular purpose in mind for this project: she wants to get media accreditation for the skating events at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

One way to do this is to write the most popular figure skating blog in the world, according to Google. She currently sits in the #2 spot.

The goal is to get her up to the top spot, and I need your help. If you’re so inclined, please link to Julie’s blog with the phrase ‘figure skating blog‘. Collectively, we ought to be able to boost her up to the top spot, eh?

To entice you, she’s collected eight of the worst falls in figure skating (Digg that mofo, if you’re thus inclined). It’s, uh, not for the squeamish. My favourite is the hip check that Laetitia Hubert lays on Midori Ito.


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  2. I will post a blog about it tonight and link to it. Not that anyone ever goes to my blog but what the heck, it can’t hurt.

  3. I just checked out the other Figure Skating Blog, which must get its #1 ranking substantially from the domain itself. Not that it’s bad, but much is not about figure skating, and it goes months at a time without updates. Such is the mystery of Google’s algorithm.

  4. No fair having an SEO husband! Any special tricks that you used (other than fixating on the term “figure skating blog”)? Oddly, she doesn’t show up high at all on “figure skating” alone (around #800 by my count).

  5. Not sure if SERP means the “most popular” blog in the world. What kind of traffic does this ranking get her?

  6. Garbanzo: No trick, really. It’s just basic SEO. Get people to link to your site with the phrase you want to optimize for.

    It’s no surprise that doesn’t shop up under “figure skating”. There’s way, way more competition for that phrase than “figure skating blog”. It would take some serious effort to get into the top ten results for “figure skating”.

    Frank: SERP definitely does not empirically mean “most popular”. However, in many things, perception is reality. To many laypeople, #1 in Google = most popular.

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