I’m Published in a Czech Magazine About Geospatial Technologies

No, this isn’t a peculiar, unfunny April Fool’s joke. Just an illustration of the bizarre connections this site sometimes draws.

Last fall I wrote an article about presentations. Shortly thereafter, I was contacted by the editor-in-chief of GeoBusiness, a Czech magazine on “geospatial technologies”. He wanted to translate the article, and publish it in a future issue. Go nuts, I said.

Here it is. This also gives me a chance to try out Scribd. I’ve never used it before, but after some uploading issues, my user experience was happy and smooth:



Read this doc on Scribd: pb0ofhwsog
var scribd_doc = new scribd.Document(2420486, ‘key-hut3963bp5p33owzn4s’); scribd_doc.write(’embedded_flash_2420486_qhr34′);


  1. I have a delicate question, if I may: did the editor offer payment, and if not, did you ask for any?

    I’m at the point with my own blog where people ask to use a picture now and then, which I allow for free even for commercial uses, mostly because they are just small ventures like my own. But you write significant content which drives good traffic to your own website, so it would seem like real payment would be warranted for a professional magazine to republish it. I’m just wondering if those publishers are offering real money (say $100) or if you feel comfortable (or worth your while) to request it.

  2. Andy: I don’t recall if the editor offered payment. I didn’t ask about payment. I’m not really sure why I didn’t, though the editor did explain that it’s a quarterly magazine with a distribution of 3500. Payment probably would be warranted, but I understand the economics of magazine publishing, I guess.

    I get paid for my day job writing all the time, I guess, so maybe I was less motivated to inquire about payment from these folks.

  3. I did a post about maintaining your identity online, and of all the publications in the world, a Martha Stewart magazine (Blueprint) asked if they could republish it. Like you I said go nuts, but instead they went broke, before publishing my article.

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