Oh for One on Calendar Syncing

Earlier in the month I asked you, dear readers, how you were syncing Apple’s iCal and your Google Calendar. You offered several solutions, but the one I ended up trying was BusySync. It lasted about three weeks before doing this to my calendar:

Calendar Sync Fail

As you may have guessed, there’s only one luncheon. Julie and I are speaking at it, so the event should appear twice, not five times.

I don’t think I did anything peculiar to the app–I just installed it and expected it to work. And, sadly, it didn’t. At least the uninstall process was relatively straightforward and didn’t permanently screw up my Google Calendar.

I’d consider Spanning Sync, but this issue isn’t really worth 65 of my hard-earned dollars. Back to a web calendar-only universe, I guess.

UPDATE: The folks at BusySync are on the ball, and already emailed with a detailed explanation of the issue. It’s not worth my time to troubleshoot it at the moment, but I appreciate their prompt and thorough response.

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  1. I’m finding pretty much the same thing. I was a big fan of iCal when it first came along, and even published a version of it on my old website that anyone could subscribe to which had public events on it. However it didn’t take long after Google’s Calendar came out for me to switch over and leave iCal in the dust. Basically all the same features but not restricted by a dot mac account or a computer or a platform even. Yes please.

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