Boring Site Note: Just Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.3

I did so after reading this scary post from Doc. So if you notice any wacky behaviour around here, please leave a comment or send me an email.


  1. Hmm, your sidebar looks weird for me, but other than that seems ok. 2.3.3 was really stable for me. I’ve had issues with the beta of 2.5 though, but that’s to be expected.

  2. Duane: Thanks for that–could you please send me a screenshot (darren at darrenbarefoot dot com)?

  3. A few months ago my partner Tyler noticed a string of spam links in his source code. He changed his password and deleted the spam.

    A few weeks ago Tyler noticed that when you searched his name in Google, his own website wouldn’t come up, like it used to. He didn’t see the link farm until last night when he looked at it with some Google tool I can’t remember what it’s called. And it’s on my site too. If you search my name, my websites don’t come up. Because of the hidden links, our sites have been removed from search results by Google.


  4. Nice. Good to see you last night. We actually do releases so that I can bug you about upgrading. So consider yourself bugged to upgrade to 2.5. And as always, if you need a hand just let me know.

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