Client Plug: Web Design and Developer Survey Results

Last month we ran a (quite unscientific) survey about web design and development for our client, Nitobi. For those webby types among you, we’ve just published the results. Here’s a pretty pie chart for one of the questions:


  1. Pretty! And interesting. But I’m just slightly colorblind; it’s a little hard to gauge the differences between shades of the same color. So I can’t read the chart, as it looks like only six colors to me.

    Of course, the numbers are in the survey results, so I just went there. Thanks!

  2. huh. I don’t thik I’m at all colorblind, but I can barely tell those colors apart either.

    Granted, my video card has been known to suck.

  3. Fear not, the colours repeat. I made it using Pages from iWork. I suppose I could have picked unique colours for each pie slice, but those were the default and I am notoriously lazy.

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