21 Pretty Good Accents in 155 Seconds

This already has about 250K views, so you may have seen it, but I thought it was pretty charming:

Here’s a little interview with the actress, Amy Walker.

This is a personal bias, but to me this woman has that prototypical ‘actress’ look: big eyes, expressive face, long brown hair and nice cheek bones. I have several friends and acquaintances who are actors who fit this description. Do casting directors favour this type? Maybe, but it seems like they self-select to some degree. Peculiar.


  1. The thick piece of distorted glass likes those features; the lens. Big eyes. Large skulls. They look good on camera.

  2. Darren: Those large features are even better for a live audience that sits far away but can therefore interpret the expressions of said Thespian.

    Derek: the Canadian accent sounds Canadian but not from Torontonian. Prince Georgesque perhaps.

  3. Yeah I liked this, all the accents were good… except that isn’t a Torontonian accent. I would know, being from Toronto.

  4. I, too, didn’t think much of the Toronto accent (I think her “Seattle” was close to Toronto, though).

    Her kiwi accent brought back some good memories.

  5. Yeah, the Toronto accent needs to sound less open. I grew up in downtown Toronto, and my tight jaw and accent was often blamed on the stress levels of living in the city (this is when I was in theatre school). The ‘oh hello’ part definitely sounds more like a maritimes accent.

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