Upcoming Speaking Gigs: Green Web 2.0 and Bridging Media

Just a quick note to pimp two events in which I’m participating:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008, 5:30pm – NetTuesday’s An Evening of “Green” Web 2.0! – Stories from the Edge on Using the Web to Save Our Planet and Foster More Sustainable Communities. Whew, long title. I’m one of three speakers, and I’m going to be discussing “DeSmogBlog.com, and how they’ve used social media and web marketing over the past two years to increase their traffic (by 300%!) and influence. From old school email newsletters to Flickr contests and Twitter, DeSmogBlog offers an excellent case study in how to build a following using social media.” See also the event on Facebook.

Saturday, March 29, 2008 – Bridging Media – I’ll be on a panel entitled “Buzz Builders: Using Multi-platforms To Build A Buzz and An Audience Around Your Project”. Wow, I get all the long titles. Here’s the blurb on that panel: “From film to television to the internet, defining your audience is an integral portion in the conceptualizing stage of a project. Are you using the accessible channels of communication to speak to your audience, draw a crowd and create buzz around your work? This panel will focus on, and show examples of, the use of various mediums and technologies to build a community and get your project to your audience.” I’ll be speaking alongside many of the usual suspects.


  1. I also posted something on my blog (I’ll be attending, not sure if your blog allows for trackbacks now that I’m on WordPress, but hopefully yeah)

  2. I’ll be in Mexico (imaging who the Canucks will face first round) but the Green 2.0 gig sounds like a good-er. Be sure to say “hello” to my happyfrog.ca colleague Ron eh. He’s loaded with anecdotes gleaned from publishing alternative weeklies around the US for decades.

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