Poll Result on New Site Style

Just a quick post to close ye olde loop on that poll I ran before I changed continents. Here’s a pretty pie chart showing the results (as always, click for a larger version):

Poll Results

There was a pretty even three-way split. Cityscape Blue has a slight edge over Yellow and Waving and Brown with Many Signs. There was another late submission, which is probably the most creative and original of the bunch:


What Do I Think?

I haven’t had a lot of time to dwell on them, but I think I prefer either Yellow and Waving or Brown with Many Signs. Cityscape Blue feels a bit generic, and besides, I won’t be living in Vancouver for the next little while, anyway.

I also liked the cleverness of the first late submission, and admire the creativity and detail work in the above submission. It may be a little too busy for my site (and I’m not nuts about how my portrait looks), but I think the treatment is gorgeous. It’s by an artist named Celeste Cronrath, and I’d definitely use her for other work that needed a similar aesthetic. Does anybody else dig this latest effort?

I’m going to let them marinate for a few days, and solicit a few more opinions before making a final call.

Way To Go, Pixish

You may recall that I used a new service called Pixish for this project. I have some minor technical and workflow complaints (and boy do they need documentation), but I’ve been really impressed with the artwork this project has generated. I wouldn’t call it world-class, but most of it is average, and some is quite thoughtful and original. I’d definitely use Pixish again if the right project came along.


  1. Wow, that last late submission is beautiful! Maybe not right for you.

    Interesting poll results. Looking forward to knowing your final decision.

  2. One if the things that I thought might defray the “spec work” controversy about Pixish was if there was a standard way to pay a “submission tip” or other smaller amount to non-winning candidates, st least optionally. Have you considered something like that?

  3. Celeste’s piece is gorgeous. I didn’t notice the “cleverness” of the other until you commented on it, which made me look closer. Though I don’t think I viewed it full size until then.

  4. I think Celeste’s piece is definitely worth consideration *lol*. Just wanted to say that if you did want any work done (or the current piece modified in any way–it’s all vector and extremely easy to change), I’m only an email away. Thanks!

  5. Darren,
    Saw all the goings on. Thought, none of those are quite right. Which they aren’t. Then read down further. Design for hire. There’s the culprit. Consultation has value. You know this. You might not need a bunch more, but you certainly didn’t get it.

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