Poll: Choose Your Favourite Image for DB.com 5.0

Regular readers will recall that a couple of weeks ago I submitted an assignment to Pixish, a new get-stuff-designed site. I was looking for source art for the next version of this site, combining any CC-licensed photo of me and this film industry sign.

The assignment closes today, and I’ve got a decent bounty of riches to choose from. Or rather, we do, because I’d like your opinion about which one you like best. Here’s a poll, where you can vote on your favourite. The question, basically, is which image best suits me and this site? Remember that these are source images–they’ll certainly be tweaked and cropped by a web designer.

http://s3.polldaddy.com/p/397924.js surveysTake Our Poll

Find small versions of the images below. You can click them to see larger ones, or check out this Flickr slideshow.






You can also vote on Pixish, but you have to register and, besides, it’s unclear to me how the voting works. I’ve submitted a support query for clarification.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to reject popular opinion. I have a favourite, but I’d like to hear what yours is.

UPDATE: I received a last minute sixth submission. I can’t modify the poll, so you’ll just have to comment if you like this one best:



  1. The big green sign would have worked if your teeth weren’t so white, and if the image incorporated your love of charts, and various analytical tabulations done in an artful way.

  2. I’m a bit torn between 1 and 3, but I picked 1 because I think it looks different from the mainstream. The photo in 3 is a good one of you but the direction and intensity of the lighting throws me off. Numero 2 is fun but I think lacks the clarity of the other two. I’m not sure about the bright green & bright blue in 3 but I’d have to see it in context. 🙂

  3. There are things I like and dislike about each of them (except the late entry, which has nothing to recommend it). I voted for #1, even though the colour scheme is kind of dull; I like everything else about it.

  4. I was torn between 3 and 5, but ultimately settled on 5… I found the image from 3 to be a little bit too serious, but love the color scheme!

  5. The “late entrant” is too clever by half.

    1 is my favourite but drop the arrow and increase your image *slightly*. It suggests an urbane commentator whose motto is “big city, small world”. (OK, I know: that’s actually the name of a CBC Toronto radio show.)

    “Zoom!” is right: the colour is a bit bland but a good graphic artist can punch that up without losing the intrinsic feel of the image.

    2 is too busy, 3 works but only when your image is excised and I don’t think that’s what you want (though, in fairness, your image isn’t vital since you can put it elsewhere on the site), 4 shouts (and you never do), 5 would be great if you were selling custom woodworking tools (a boutique Lee Valley Tools), and 6 I have already dismissed. It’ll be interesting to see your selection and the editing you allow.

  6. Crap, I entered, but apparently I did something wrong in the process. Maybe when I uploaded my last minute revision.

    That’s what I get for not keeping up with my feeds…

    I found some of the page flow in pixish a bit weird, like trying to navigate back to the list of submissions, after viewing an individual image.

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