New-To-Me Site-Search Within Google Results

This morning I was searching for news reports on the status of Aaron Miller’s shoulder injury (oh, oh, Ohlund). As I usually do, I searched in Google, and went to click the News link to switch from web results to recent news. Before I did, I noticed something new in the search results:

New Search in Google

There’s a site-search field underneath the results for That’s a handy innovation. The subtext is “we’re pretty sure we know where you want to go, but your search was too vague”. How long has this been around?

UPDATE: I note that when I search for “Apple”, I don’t get the search field. Odd. I wonder what Google’s criteria is.


  1. The search on is power by “Google Search Appliance”. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Do other sites that use Google to do in-site searching show up with that search bar?

  2. I see it, and if i google my name, it also lists 8 sections within my website after the description.

    It doesn’t default to my blog but to my website. It seems to list some of the most popular pages on my site. I assume they chose the 8 sections by pagerank or incoming traffic volume.

    I use the basic google search (not the search appliance) on my site.

    I think it’s been around for at least a month.

  3. I tried again, still no luck 😦

    I went to and and entered “Pete Quily” (no quotes). The search page returned your site at the top with 8 sections (support groups, symptoms of, …) but no secondary search box.

    I’ve tried both Opera (my default), Firefox and IE to see if the problem was with the browser. I see the same display from each.

    Suggestions anyone?

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