Did Somebody in Vancouver Lose Three Right Feet?

An Irish friend sent me this article from The Guardian, discussing a series of ghoulish discoveries on BC beaches:

The first was washed up in August on an isolated island in British Columbia. A 12-year-old girl beachcombing with her family found a size 12 running shoe with a human right foot still inside. Six days later a couple hiking around coves on another remote island found another size 12 right foot in a trainer under a tree trunk. Then, last month, another right foot was spotted, this time bobbing about in the water off a third island.

That’s a terrific starting point for a work of fiction. Why are right feet appearing on our coastlines?


  1. Macabre, indeed! This has been on TV news/in the papers quite a bit for some time and current speculation is the human remains (especially third foot!) are not local and have washed up from afar…

  2. For a while, there was speculation that the feet belonged to some of my family members, who died in a plane crash about 3 years ago. But I guess no connection has been found, since I have heard no more.

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