Uneaten By Camels

We’re back in Essaouira after, all told, about 1000 km of driving in and out of the desert. I’m catching up on email and such, but I wanted to post to say that we’d survived, and to point to our 88 photos from the trip (here’s a slideshow, if you prefer).

In honour of my Aunt Lynn, who only ever wants to see one’s best three vacation photos, here’s five. Click for larger versions:

Model for Two Dirhams

Sahara Desert at Dusk

Tasty, Tasty Hay

Berber Band

A Beetle Comes for a Visit

Photographically speaking, this trip kicked my ass. Looking at the photos, I recognize how much more care I need to take, how much more practice I need, and how I could really use some instruction on technique. When we get back to Victoria, I’m going to look around for a good 200-level photography course.


  1. Michel: It was cold, but not super-cold. I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and it was chilly, but tolerable.

  2. If you find a good photography workshop that has classes in Vancouver, let me know. I’d like to get some tips and tricks to improve my photography.

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