The Long Tail of Music Performances at the Oscars

I was skimming through my RSS feeds, and encountered not one but two references to Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová’s great performance at the Oscars of “Falling Slowly” from the delightful movie Once. Here it is:

I agree with Rob’s assessment that their win for Best Original Song restores a tiny bit of my faith in Hollywood.

I have very little time for the Oscars these days, but they do occasionally feature good musical performances. I have a fond memory of Neil Young playing “Philadelphia” about ten years ago, and I’m sure there are dozens of other good examples.

Where is this content? I searched Amazon to no avail. And besides, I don’t want a CD or DVD that somebody else curated. I want to select my favourites and buy them as MP3s or videos.

For a industry constantly whinging about lost revenue (the latest crisis: people are buying fewer DVDs), you’d think more of this audio and video would be available for sale.


  1. Oh, I couldn’t believe some of the tripe that was nominated in the best song category. I just did a post on this myself because those three Enchanted songs were absolutely AWFUL. And DUMB. So, I was also glad when Falling Slowly won, and like you said, I had a tiny bit of faith restored in the Oscars.

  2. I thought “Enchanted” was great fun but must agree that the performances at the Oscars were poor (and certainly didn’t encourage anyone to see the film). On the other hand, this moment was indeed the highlight. A great film with great performances and generally just heartwarming all around.

    Not to mention this performance made me a little teary eyed…just like the first time I saw the film.

  3. And now I wish I’d pimped out their “The Swell Season” album back when I got a pirated advance copy of the album in 2006. Then I’d look *really* cool now.

  4. Call me cynical, but I just dunno about “Once”. The whole enterprise, to me, smacked of a very average rock band intent on passing off self-mythology and self-promotion as a feature film, and the Oscar win, to me, is very obviously the culmination in a very well managed (and very well financed) campaign on the part of the distributor, Fox Searchlight. Without even getting into how amateurishly “written”, “directed” and “acted” the film was, it was *much* more sentimental “Enchanted”, which at least had a lot of self-referential fun with movie musical conventions. As for Glen Hansard, he’s a sleazy, pushing-40 rock star sleeping with his teenaged co-star, and his over-the-top sincerity in the movie, and on the Oscar telecast, absolutely reeked of false modesty. And while I at least buy Markéta Irglová’s child-like sincerity, well, she actually *is* a child, and she can barely sing, and her piano playing’s not much better.

    I did say call me cynical … 😉

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