The Sex in the City Trailer is Surprisingly Unfunny

As you’ve probably heard, they’ve made a movie version of Sex in the City (thanks to Rebekah for pointing to the trailer). Much like The X-Files movie and The Simpsons movie, this badboy is money in the bank. It may not be a humongous blockbuster, but I’m sure the brand is strong enough to survive any initial negative reviews.

And really brutal reviews are unlikely, because the producers just have to follow their successful TV formula. The trick is to make a risk-free, good enough film. The trailer suggests that they’ve done that:

My only complaint: there are few, if any, funny moments in the trailer. I was never a loyal watcher of the TV show, but I saw several episodes. I always thought they were moderately funny, and occasionally hilarious.

The movie may actually be funnier than is portrayed in the trailer. They appear to be trading on the show’s ‘Friends 4 Eva’ theme, as opposed to the show’s cheeky and occasionally raunchy humour. That probably reflects what the producers think will play with the film’s target demographic.

The trailer features a cover of Don Henley’s “The Heart of the Matter”. I’ve always thought that was a terrific song, and I dig this version by India.Arie (yes, her name comes with that ridiculous, ostentatious period). You can hear it as the background for one of the kajillion photo+song montages on YouTube.

I just checked out her first single from 2002. It uses one of the oldest tricks in the record industry–make sure the musician names herself in the course of her lyrics.

For a related video, check out this quite funny SNL spoof.


  1. The series got a little less funny/little more serious as it went along. My guess is that they’re hoping to slide the movie under the ratings system. The stuff that aired on HBO wouldn’t be accessible in theatres to the younger crowd.

    And there’ll be puns!

  2. India Arie (sorry, I can’t be bothered with the fanciful punctuation) reminds me a lot of Teri Moïse, an American singer who came out with a French album in 1996. She was mostly a one-hit wonder, judging from YouTube, but I like the entire first album.

  3. I totally disagree… the show was not ONLY meant to be funny but more so, drama. The trailer did give away ALOT of the plot BUT if you are a fan of this show, then you would know that they always throw you a curve ball. I think the movie will be a huge hit and NOTHING like the Simpsons or X-Files.

    If you are a FAN, then the trailer was meant to tug at your heart. I have posted many blogs with the trailer in it and it seems to have given FANS the same heart tugging effect.

    Don’t like the trailer, then don’t see it… trust me the movie will make millions on their true fans.

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